Nervo VerdezotoNervo Verdezoto is a Research Assistant at Aarhus University. His research combines fieldwork with user-centered design methods to further understand people’s self-care practices and appropriation of self-care technology as well as different stakeholders’ needs – HCI, CSCW, Pervasive Healthcare and Health Informatics.
Francisco NunesFrancisco Nunes is a PhD student at Vienna University of Technology exploring how self-care technologies can be further embodied in the setting they inhabit, with a interest on Parkinson’s disease.
Erik GrönvallErik Grönvall is a Visiting Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Erik is interested in the boundary where technology and users meet. His interests include home-based healthcare, user driven innovation, end-user control and the development of technologies for diverse and heterogeneous user groups.
Geraldine FitzpatrickGeraldine Fitzpatrick is a Professor of Technology Design and Assessment in Vienna University of Technology. She is interested on how we design technologies to fit in with everyday contexts of work, play, and daily life, with a particular interest in older people, social interaction and collaboration, and health and well-being.
Cristiano StorniCristiano Storni is a Lecturer in University of Limerick who is researching design theory and practices, and the social shaping of technology in areas such as healthcare. He focuses mainly on self-care practices and technology in the context of chronic and less-known disease (especially type 1 Diabetes).
Morten KyngMorten Kyng is the Director of the Centre for Pervasive Healthcare at Aarhus University. He is interested in participatory design, computer supported cooperative work, human-computer interaction, and pervasive computing for healthcare.